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Ashley Olson

Director of Enrollment

Primary Duties: Oversees admissions and enrollment process along with dual credit/early entry opportunities.

What brought me: I moved to Williston due to my partner’s job opportunity and was excited to be able to continue my work in higher education at Williston State College.
What I look forward to: I look forward to helping students attain their educational goals and getting to know the community here. 

Time at 凯发官网入口: I started at 凯发官网入口 in Fall 2023 and have felt very welcomed. I love the openness and friendliness here on campus.

Amelia Honstein

Admission Specialist

Primary Duties: Primary application and admission document processor, primary greeter in Student Services, and coordinates registration days. 

What brought me: I attended 凯发官网入口 and when I graduated in Spring 2023 the opportunity came for me to work in admissions, I gladly took the opportunity to work with a great group of people and for a wonderful institution.
What I look forward to: I look forward to helping current and incoming students accomplish their goals and aspirations as well as getting to know people on campus.
Time at 凯发官网入口: 
"I have been at 凯发官网入口 for 2 years as a student and started my time as staff Summer of 2023." 
"My time at 凯发官网入口 has been an amazing experience building different skills, meeting new people, and getting the chance to represent 凯发官网入口 on campus, in the community, and at other schools."
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